A big dilemma after a major injury

ACL reconstruction post ACL tear, Should I do it or not?
This is a question that many patients ask after their ACL is fully torn. In younge highly
professional athletes the answer is almost always Yes, and it is the matter of time before they
get their ACLs reconstructed. However, for others there is not a fixed answer. It depends on the
age of the person, the type of the sport they want to continue to play, the severity of the injury
and if other structures of the knee are also damaged or not, and also their personal choice. ACL
is very important for athletes who want to play multidirectional sports like Football, Rugby,
Tennis, etc and this group of athletes tend to do ACL reconstruction surgery. However,
individuals who do non-multidirectional sports can avoid surgery by doing a good rehabilitation
program. The need for ACL surgery should be decided in consultation with a surgeon and
physiotherapist and for whoever chooses it a pre and post surgery rehabilitation program will
determine a good result